At Nix, we believe our people are the best and most authentic competitive advantage we have. This doesn’t happen by accident. We work very hard to attract, train, and retain some of the best people in our industry. We adhere to the model that experience is always secondary to character, and utilize our in house training program to give our team members the skills they need to perform their specific role requirements.

We are committed to being a growth-oriented company, focused on exceeding customer expectations, while always striving to add value to our team members’ lives and the community as a whole.

“One of my favorite things about giving customers a tour of our facility is the obvious level of quality and professionalism with our staff. If our customers have been in any other shops, there’s no mistaking our advantage. I take great pride in this. I believe our people do too, and I’m certain it shows in the quality of our work and customer service.” – Matthew Nix