Our Gear & Machine Divisions cover machine work for both large and small machining projects, repair machining (we build and re-machine), gearbox refurbishment, wire EDM, dynamic balancing, and gear cutting. With our in-house engineering and detailing coupled with our heavy fabrication and coatings divisions, we can control the project from start to finish, whether you have something that needs repaired or made new. We also offer machining services for smaller components (one offs up to batch runs). 

Offering in-house gear reverse engineering and gearbox inspections, we can determine the root cause failure of your gearbox and make the necessary components to bring it back to like-new condition.


Mazak - Quick Turn Model QT35U CNC Lathe

20" OD x 60" lg

Farrel Sykes Herringbone Gear Generator

4’ diameter x 9” hole max double helical; 2dp

Pratt & Whitney - Vertical Shaper

12" Stroke, 50" Part, 18" Tall; Slots/Splines

Bullard Vertical Turret Lathe

56”, 68” swing, 4 position turret & side head

Bullard - 5" Boring, Milling, Drilling Machine

48" Y, 60" X Travel

Blanchard - 42” Rotary Surface Grinder

Gray Vertical Lathe

96” swing, 108 U Rails, Ram & turret heads on rail

Monarch Lathe Model 22M

18” swing x 24’ lg

Gould & Eberhardt Gear Hobbers

 72H, 48H, 36H Max 8’ Spur / Helical; 1.5 dp gear

Monarch Lathe

28" Swing x 48" lg

Giddings & Lewis (G&L) H70 Work Center

6” Spindle 24’ X, 12’ Y, 48” Z; 10’x10’ rotary table, 50 ton load

Mazak H25 Horizontal Machining Center

36” x 36” dual pallets

Longem LG2080D Engine Lathe

12” OD x 80” lg

Mazak Vertical Machining Center

108" X, 30" Y, 36" Z

Forest Line Gantry Machining Center

 5 Axis Head, 26’ X, 12’ Y, 5’ Z; 12’ between columns

Tacchi Lathe

53" Swing Over Bed, 84" Swing Over Gap; 80" Gap, 19.5 Ft. Between Centers, 20,000 Lbs. Capacity


Gearbox Repair

Disassembly, diagnosis, repair / manufacture new components needed, reassemble

In-house Engineering & Detailing

Reverse engineering gears and components

Gear Manufacturing

Heavy Machining

Batch Machining

Dynamic Balancing

Wire EDM

Production Run Machining

heavy machining - nix - evansville - indiana

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