More Than Just "Sandblasting"

At Nix, we are equipped and have experience in majority types of media blasting services.  Starting with or returning to a clean surface is critical in many applications. We have the ability to reclaim our media and switch media material and sizes, making our system even more efficient. All of these things translate to better value for the customer.

52' x 20' x 16' Blast Room

Our large blast room allows us to prepare and clean oversized items like fabricated steel components or a semi-trailer to higher volume runs of OEM parts with efficiency.

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Surface Preparation

Proper surface preparation (removal of mill scale and other impurities) is one of the most important steps to any coating process. The end results can only be as good as the surface it is applied to. Media blasting materials prior to coating promotes adhesion and increases the durability of the finish. 

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning is a critical component to any manufacturing process that involves coatings.  Overtime fixtures and jigs become unusable due to the buildup of materials.  These fixtures can be returned to a previous state through either mechanical or chemical industrial cleaning. 

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In-House Services

Shop Coatings Location

Fan Housing Case Study

Our Shop Coatings Team had a fan housing project that included abrasive blasting. A manufacturer came to us having issues with their fan housing and electric motor failing. See the steps our team took from surface preparation to the final coating to solve the customer’s problem and prolong the life of the equipment.

Need A Field Team?

Our Field Coatings Team provides a wide range of industrial / commercial coating solutions for asset protection and corrosion prevention for our customers including, but not limited to surface preparation (power tool cleaning, power washing, hot water washing, grinding, sanding, shot blasting, sandblasting, dustless vapor blasting), industrial painting, floor coatings, tank coatings/linings, plural component, and roof coatings. 



Powder Coating is a key service we offer. This service provides customers with a one-stop-shop with design, fabricating, machining and coatings. Additionally, our team can

A local manufacturing company had a ribbon blender in need of a complete refurbishment. After sandblasting and a fresh coat of paint, it’s looking good

Ensuring the safety of employees during rooftop maintenance is of paramount importance to us, which is why we were thrilled to assist a customer in