Recent Projects

Recent E-house Project


We were approached by a customer needing a building to house electrical equipment for the customer’s service upgrade projects.



Our project manager and engineering department worked out a design for an E-house by staying in constant contact with the customer throughout the beginning of the design phases.  The E-house had flooring designed with cutouts in predetermined areas with necessary dimensions to clear the equipment’s conduit and electrical.  The building was fitted with a mini split HVAC to help with heating and cooling.  Once the building was designed to meet the specs, we provided P.E. stamped drawings and the project was sent to be fabricated in our Custom Fabrication Division. After being fabricated, the project was handed off to our Shop Coatings and Finishings Division where we epoxied the whole interior and the bottom, spray foamed the bottom, and then put an undercoating on top of that creating a functional finish on the inside while also providing insulation.  



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