Meet Our Team

At Nix Companies we believe our people are the best and most authentic competitive advantage we have. This doesn’t happen by accident. We work very hard to attract, train, and retain some of the best people in our industry. We adhere to the model that experience is always secondary to character, and utilize our in house training program to give our team members the skills they need to perform their specific roll requirements. “One of my favorite things about giving customers a tour of our facility is the absolutely obvious level of quality and professionalism with our staff. If our customers have been in any other shops, there’s no mistaking our advantage. I take great pride in this, I believe our people do too, and I’m certain it shows in the quality of our work and customer service.” … Matthew Nix

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Nix Metals Team

Ryan Weinzapfel
General Manager

Ryan Weinzapfel joined our company to lead our ever-growing engineering department. This consists of CAD design, mechanical and structural engineering, estimating, and purchasing. Ryan is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in mechanical engineering. He also brings with him well-rounded and extremely relevant career experience in customer service, trouble shooting, design, and project management. Ryan's value has improved the quality of our products as well as expanded our capabilities and offerings to customers. Ryan's ‘common sense' approach coupled with his exceptional mechanical and problem solving mind set, makes him a great asset to our team.



Brian Merkley
Vice President of Field Operations

Brian Merkley joined our organization as the first General Manager of one of our business units, Nix Coatings. Brian has a degree from Indiana State University in construction management, and prior work experience in operations management. His excellent ‘boots on the ground' leadership style and problem solving skills have earned him high regard with his team members and a track record for results. Today, Brian leads the field operations for all four of our company divisions. From scheduling, to staffing, to maintenance, Brian keeps our facilities running, our customers happy, and our reputation soundly growing.

Tracy Stroud
CAD Design & Project Manager

Tracy joined Nix Metals in the fall of 2015. He works in our engineering department doing concept design for customers, creating complete fabrication drawings for our shop, estimating, and project management. Tracy brings with him, a well-rounded skill set and great experience in both CAD design and construction management.

Cory Wilzbacher
Industrial Solutions Specialist

Cory Wilzbacher joined our team in 2016 to lead our sales and customer service efforts in one of the growing sectors of our business. Cory's decade plus experience working with heavy industrial and manufacturing clients as a power transmission supply distributor allows him a great foundation to now offer our clients a completely turnkey solution. From simple parts replacements and maintenance jobs, to complex mechanical and automated machinery builds, Cory has earned a reputation with his customers as the "problem solver".




Ryan Hufford
Project Manager

Ryan Hufford joined our team in the summer of 2017 to help build on the synergy between our sales and engineering departments as a project manager & sales specialist.  Coupled with his B.S. in Industrial Supervision and prior work experiences at several reputable companies,  we are excited to bring Ryan into the NIX family and expect great things from him as he grows accustomed to our culture, camaraderie, and the interesting/challenging projects we provide to our customers.

Tony Shell
Quality Manager I Project Manager

Tony began his career at Nix Metals in January of 2013 as a metal fabricator and welder. Tony brings a lot of experience to Nix from his 16 year tenure as a fabricator. His hard work and experience quickly promoted him to the Fabrication Shop Foreman where he is able to lead our growing team to follow the same standards and practices set forth by prior generations. Tony's nature of organization and cleanliness, leave our shop safer, more efficient, and setting the standard for quality craftsmanship.




Brett Mattingly
Shop Foreman

Brett joined Nix Metals in July of 2017.  Brett started a career in welding and fabrication 17 years ago. He brings a lot of understanding and experience having been involved with small fabrication projects and electric motor manufacturing up to large structural steel projects of 80,000 pounds plus. Brett's leadership, experience and commitment to quality allow him to lead our growing team to meet customer expectations and deadlines.

Lance Allen
Material Processing Team Leader

Lance Allen joined our team in late 2014 as a fabricator and primary operator of our new CNC plasma system. Lance has an interesting and useful back ground working on the Nascar circuit as a member of the pit crew. This experience gave Lance a great understanding of team work, quality, and work ethic. Today Lance has grown into a leadership role within our material processing division of the shop. He is responsible for material inventory, timely & quality parts that supply our two shops, and retail sales through our metal sales division.

Casey McMillan
Mobile Services Foreman

Casey came on board in the fall of 2015. Casey has an excellent and well-rounded arsenal of education and on the job training. His experience in fabrication and industrial maintenance serve him well as the leader of our Mobile Services. Our customers will surely appreciate getting to know Casey outside of the shop walls as he visits their facilities and locations.