Director of Public Relations & Training

Lindsey Nix has held multiple roles within the company. She has been instrumental in helping navigate us through our high growth years.  She spent 6 years as Director of Finance, managing the accounting and finance department of Nix’s business divisions. With the addition of our CFO in 2017, she was able to transition to her current role. Lindsey enjoys introducing Nix to new customers and markets and maintaining key relationships with our current customer base.

Lindsey also represents the company and the Nix family in various community organizations, activities, and oversees charitable giving. In addition to many other community and volunteer activities, she serves on the Southwest Indiana Chamber’s Posey County Alliance committee as well as chairs the Family Business Alliance.  She has a passion for family business and the Southwest Indiana business community. Lindsey and Matthew are also founding members of the Evansville chapter of Legatus, a Catholic business executive group.