Fan Housing

Includes Metal Fabrication & Shop Coatings Work


A manufacturing customer came to us with the following issues:

  1. Build up on the fan due to coolant and exhaust was causing the fan to be imbalanced, which in turn made the bearings and the electric motor fail prematurely.
  2. The fins inside the housing that were centering the electric motor mount were cracking.
  3. When the motor would fail due to the above points, it would deflect the outside of the housing and cause the housing to permanently deform.

We decided to powdercoat the housing itself in a high gloss powder and coat the fan blades in anti-graffiti coating. We worked with the customer to implement a P.M. program where they power wash it monthly. The anti-graffiti paint allows the build up to easily come off when washed.

We added stiffener rings to the outside housing to keep it from deforming when/ if the motor failed.

To eliminate the fins from cracking, we added a band to the outside of the housing and connected the tie bars on the back of the motor in a 45 degree direction to absorb radial torque from the motor.


This allowed us to prolong the life of the housing and electric motor by eliminating imbalance on the fan and absorbing the radial torque from the electric motor on start up.