Conveyor belt

Includes Repair & Industrial Coatings Work


The customer was doing a full belt refurbishment with rollers, belts, drives, and counterweight, during a scheduled outage. They had received notice that some supplies had been delayed and had decided to capitalize on the delay to sandblast and paint the structure for corrosion control. So after some mechanical repairs were made, the Nix Field Coatings Team was allotted 7 days to blast and coat over 120 feet of conveyor and catwalk!


Nix was able to utilize a Bull Pot Blasting setup in order to run 4 blast lines simultaneously. This allowed for high output of blast media and increased production.

We also scheduled a two shift turn around in order to fully utilize our equipment, only shutting off in order to do a pre and post shift safety discussion. 

After blasting was completed we then spray applied two coats of industrial epoxy to all the steel structures and frame. At the end of the project, we then topcoated the safety feature with a safety yellow urethane.


Nix completed the project ahead of schedule without any delays from weather or safety issues despite having several people working closely together and some less than favorable conditions. This provides corrosion protection for their equipment and a safe working platform for employees to access the belt for routine maintenance and inspection. We are happy to have the opportunity to serve our customers and help them continue to run safe and efficiently.