Deaconess Aquatic Center – Structural Steel

Nix is proud to share participation in the Deaconess Aquatic Center build. This new building has an incredible purpose and will bring a joyful impact to the community. At Nix, community has always been a major part of who we are and is the foundation of the company. Nix began as a small town shop […]

Shelby Richards

Shelby Richards Project Manager Shelby joined the Northend Gear & Machine Division in March of 2022 as a Project Manager. Shelby graduated from Miami University with an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Prior to Northend, Shelby worked at machining and manufacturing facilities starting as an Engineer/ AutoCAD and going to an Engineer and Team Lead. […]

Harold Graff

Harold Graff Project Engineer Harold joined the Nix team in February of 2022. Harold graduated from the ITT Technical Institute with a Bachelor’s Degree in Robotics and Associate’s in Tool and Die Design. With 18+ years working for an engineering company, Harold has extensive experience and knowledge in project management, developing 3D models, and interacting […]

Pipe Supports

In June, a contractor came to us needing a new system for their manufacturing customer to protect and hold pipes in place going from one building to the next. Our engineering, structural fabrication, and field services teams worked together to design, build, and install a galvanized steel bridge to support the pipes.