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Damaged Tanker Refurbishment

Recently, our Repairs & Maintenance Division refurbished this damaged tanker. The team inspected the unit to find all damaged areas. The main work consisted of rolling and fabricating new tank panels which were then fully welded. After the repairs were complete, which included a new catwalk and pipe work, the tank was pressurized to ensure there were no leaks in the vessel. Our Shop Coatings Team then sandblasted the trailer, gave it a new paint job, and also new decals.
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Power Generation Trommel Screen

Our NIX Repairs & Maintenance Division designed a trommel screen to match an existing design. A 3/8″ flat plate was cut and rolled to diameter.  Two flanges were burnt out with the inside dimension to match the outside dimension of the rolled plate.  Our team then took the project to fit the rolled plate to the flanges and marked out the triangular cut-outs, which were then hand-cut by a plasma cutter. 

The wire mesh was cut and rolled to match the inside dimension of the trommel and installed.  After this, the pre-manufactured flighting was installed to finish out the trommel screen.  The advantage of this trommel versus the existing trommels, is the fact this one was 100% built out of stainless steel materials, which should last the customer a substantially longer amount of time.

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Fertilizer Conveyor Platform Repairs


We were approached by a customer needing a fertilizer conveyor platform to be repaired. One of their requirements was to improve the safety of the platform.


Our Repairs & Maintenance Division had our field crew inspect the conveyor platform. Our field team replaced ‘mild steel’ with stainless steel on the platform to create a safer work environment.  The fertilizer conveyor platform is approximately 35 feet in the air increasing the need for making the platform as safe as possible.

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Trommel Screen Refurbishment

The team at Nix Equipment worked to help a local power generation company restore a trommel screen.  We worked with the customer to replace and repair areas to help the customer by saving them money and down time.  The team at Nix Coatings sandblasted and powder coating the screen to help preserve the it for future use.  Great team effort by the Equipment and Coatings team!

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Planter Pivot Pin Repair


The customer’s main pivot pin on their 1240 Case planter was damaged and not working properly.  They took it to the dealership to get it repaired and found their main pin was damaged and needed to be replaced, so they called us to help them replace the pin with a new one.


Our Repairs & Maintenance division mobilized and found that the pivot pin seized up on the planter and need to be removed in order to properly repair the machine.  In order to remove the pin, he had to apply heat to the area surrounding the pin and apply pressure with two 22-ton jacks.  After the metal cooled and sat under pressure during the night it finally came out the following morning.  By having his welding certificate numbers readily available, the dealer was able to order the new pin from the manufacturer.  This is a prime example of our mission “Be Big, Act Small”. Our “Be Big” resources allowed the have the opportunity to get the customer the information they needed to order the pin, mobilize, and execute in such a tight timeline.  Because of our quick response service at our Repairs & Maintenance division, we were able to get the customer up and running quickly.

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Truck Bed Mount

Utility Truck Bed Mount.

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Trailer Refurbishment

Proper equipment maintenance will not only increase the life and value of your fleet, but also promotes safety. Let Nix provide you with a plan to bring your equipment back to new with our extensive list metal repair, mechanical, and coatings services.

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Bulk Tanker Refurbishment

The Shop Coatings Division has performed several complete refurbishments on a line of aluminum bulk tankers.  The refurbishment included both sandblasting and hand tool cleaning with a Direct to Metal Urethane Mastic.  In addition to the coatings refurbishment, Nix also provided the customer with custom vinyl graphics, as well as pickup and delivery of each unit.

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Grain Elevator Scale Rebuild

Our Equipment & Repairs Division recently executed a complete rebuild of a grain elevator’s scale system. The main frame of the scale had rusted through causing major safety concerns and down time risk for the business. We provided the customer with a comprehensive proposal to re-use the more intricate parts of the system, which coincidentally where far less weathered. We then removed these parts, rebuilt the entire main frame, and re-attached the existing parts. For the finish, the entire surface was sandblasted to an SP6 Commercial Blast Profile for excellent cleaning and adhesion. We then applied two coats of heavy industrial grade epoxy primer, and a urethane top coat. This coating system should provide a 30+ year life expectancy under these conditions.
By utilizing our refurbishing methods, we were able to bring significant value to the customer, delivering a “like new” product with less down time and under 50% cost of new!