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Tank Refurbishment

Look at that glow! This tank received some repair work, a polyurethane overcoat to the tank exterior, and a novolac epoxy liner to the tank interior and the containment area. Thanks to our field coatings team, it’s as good as new!
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Manufactured Sheave

In July, a fabrication customer in Tennessee needed a Sheave made new. We fabricated it at our Custom Fabrication facility in Poseyville, IN. The sheave was then sent over to our Machining facility in Princeton, IN and we utilized our new Tacchi Lathe machine to complete the project.

Field Services Team Heavy Industrial Industrial Coatings Recent Projects

Exterior Metal Building Rehabilitation

Our Field Coatings Division performed an exterior metal building rehabilitation for a local power generating station. They battled the elements in order to power clean and degrease over 50k sq. ft. of exterior sheeting, replaced or overlaid several panels, then applied 4 to 7 mils of an acrylic exterior coating. This will allow the customer to have a clean and beautiful site as well as protect their assets for years to come. 

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Manufactured Gear

Our capabilities include all tooth forms reverse engineered to specification.  We manufacture new from solid, fabricate ring gears, or cut teeth only projects.

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Machining Split Gear

We are capable of machining parts measuring up to 26′ x 12′ on our CNC controlled equipment.  Our facility is equipped with high bay heavy lifting equipment capable of moving components weighing up to 50 tons.

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Custom Davit Crane Project

The team at Nix Metals designed and fabricated this Davit Crane for a customer on the West Coast.  The crane was fabricated in Poseyville and then shipped to Santa Clara, California.  Tony Shell traveled to California to install the crane for our customer.  The customer needed a safe way for their team to access and change parts on units on their roofs.  We are happy to assist our customers when safety is a priority!

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Roof Refurbishment

Nix Mobile Coatings had a customer concerned with replacement of a leaking roofs at their facilities.  To save the customer costs an overcoat system was chosen to reduce tear off expenses.  The roof was pressure cleaned and deoxidized.  Some sections of the failing roof were cut out and overlaid with decking.  Approximately 1 inch of closed cell spray foam was then applied to create a monolithic (seamless) roof coating.   Following the spray foam application, we top coated the foam with a specialty polyurea coating to protect the foam application from environmental factors in the surrounding area.

This roofing system will have a life of 20+ years for the customer.  A full tear off project of the roof would have cost the customer 3 times the investment for our system while saving them weeks on installation.   We are proud of our team for their hard work on this great roof coating system and grateful to help our customers find cost saving solutions to keep them running safe and efficient.

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Custom Fabricated Stands-Reverse Engineering

The team at Nix worked with a customer to reverse engineer stands that needed replacement at their facilities.  The engineering team worked with the customer to engineer the stands so that our fabrication team could make them to the customer specifications.  The stands then went to the Shop Coatings Division for final prep and paint.  Great job to our teams on this project!  We often provide reverse engineering to our customers.  Let us help you with your next project!

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Trommel Screen Refurbishment

The team at Nix Equipment worked to help a local power generation company restore a trommel screen.  We worked with the customer to replace and repair areas to help the customer by saving them money and down time.  The team at Nix Coatings sandblasted and powder coating the screen to help preserve the it for future use.  Great team effort by the Equipment and Coatings team!

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Manitowoc 888 Crane Refurbishment

Our Mobile Coatings crew has been hard at work onsite in Kentucky refurbishing this Manitowoc 888 Crane.  Our experienced technicians worked diligently to restore this crane to its original condition.   Thanks to our crew for exceeding our customers expectations!