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Power Generation Trommel Screen

Our NIX Repairs & Maintenance Division designed a trommel screen to match an existing design. A 3/8″ flat plate was cut and rolled to diameter.  Two flanges were burnt out with the inside dimension to match the outside dimension of the rolled plate.  Our team then took the project to fit the rolled plate to the flanges and marked out the triangular cut-outs, which were then hand-cut by a plasma cutter. 

The wire mesh was cut and rolled to match the inside dimension of the trommel and installed.  After this, the pre-manufactured flighting was installed to finish out the trommel screen.  The advantage of this trommel versus the existing trommels, is the fact this one was 100% built out of stainless steel materials, which should last the customer a substantially longer amount of time.

Recent Projects

E-House Project


We were approached by a customer needing a building to house electrical equipment for the customer’s service upgrade projects.



Our project manager and engineering department worked out a design for an E-house by staying in constant contact with the customer throughout the beginning of the design phases.  The E-house had flooring designed with cutouts in predetermined areas with necessary dimensions to clear the equipment’s conduit and electrical.  The building was fitted with a mini split HVAC to help with heating and cooling.  Once the building was designed to meet the specs, we provided P.E. stamped drawings and the project was sent to be fabricated in our Custom Fabrication Division. After being fabricated, the project was handed off to our Shop Coatings and Finishings Division where we epoxied the whole interior and the bottom, spray foamed the bottom, and then put an undercoating on top of that creating a functional finish on the inside while also providing insulation.  



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Recent Projects Structural & Misc. Metals Fabrication Transportation

Infiltrators Railcar Loading Platform

In September, our Custom Fabrication Division fabricated, coated, and installed this Rail Car Loading Platform outside of Lexington, KY. This project took full team effort to complete!

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Fertilizer Conveyor Platform Repairs


We were approached by a customer needing a fertilizer conveyor platform to be repaired. One of their requirements was to improve the safety of the platform.


Our Repairs & Maintenance Division had our field crew inspect the conveyor platform. Our field team replaced ‘mild steel’ with stainless steel on the platform to create a safer work environment.  The fertilizer conveyor platform is approximately 35 feet in the air increasing the need for making the platform as safe as possible.

Field Services Team Government Recent Projects Sheet Metal Fabrication Structural & Misc. Metals Fabrication

LST 325 – Structural Steel

Evansville is home to an important battleship from World War II, the LST 325, the last remaining fully functioning LST in the country. During June and July of 1944, the LST 325 made 44 trips between France and England carrying ammunition and supplies to the mainland while also carrying back the wounded.  The LST 325 also played a vital role during the D-Day landings.  During WWII, Evansville produced over 150 LST’s and became the largest inland facility that manufactured LSTs in the world.

The LST 325 finally made it’s big move up the Ohio River to it’s new home.  Part of the move was creating a new Visitor’s Center and enhancing the dock to accommodate the LST 325.  Our Structural Steel Division fabricated structural steel, joist, and deck for the Visitor’s Center while also fabricating ramps and reinforcement steel for the vehicle bridge.  We are proud to play a part in giving this living monument its proper home.

Archived Projects Field Services Team Industrial Coatings

Restoration of Local Historic Covered Bridges

Our Field Coatings division restored two local historical landmarks: the Old Red Covered Bridge and the Wheeling Covered Bridge in Gibson County.  We were tasked by the Gibson County Economic Development Corporation with power washing the inside and outside of each bridge, to remove loose paint, rotted wood, dirt, debris, etc.  We then sprayed and back-rolled 2 coats of Sherwin-Williams Premium Exterior Duration Coating with the bridges respective colors.

Commercial Recent Projects Structural & Misc. Metals Fabrication

Paducah Innovation Hub

Our Structural Fabrication Division fabricated steel for the Paducah Innovation Hub in Kentucky.  The Paducah Innovation Hub is a facility that helps grow talent for the region through immersive experiences in technology, trades, healthcare, river industry and more.   This project included 570 tons of fabricated steel as well as a considerable amount of AESS (Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel).

Heavy Industrial Heavy Machining Manufacturing Recent Projects

Manufactured Gear

Our capabilities include all tooth forms reverse engineered to specification.  We manufacture new from solid, fabricate ring gears, or cut teeth only projects.

Heavy Industrial Heavy Machining Recent Projects

Machining Split Gear

We are capable of machining parts measuring up to 26′ x 12′ on our CNC controlled equipment.  Our facility is equipped with high bay heavy lifting equipment capable of moving components weighing up to 50 tons.

Manufacturing Millwright & Plant Maintenance Recent Projects Sheet Metal Fabrication Shop Coatings & Finishings

Roof Access Stairs

Our Customer was looking for a safe way for their employees to access the roof for maintenance. We were able to work together to come up with location on the building to place stairs and do away with the ladder access they were using. From engineering to fabrication to coatings and finally to assembly and installation, we were able to help our customers keep their team safe!