Conveyor Belt Case Study

Conveyor belt Includes Repair & Industrial Coatings Work CHALLENGE The customer was doing a full belt refurbishment with rollers, belts, drives, and counterweight, during a scheduled outage. They had received notice that some supplies had been delayed and had decided to capitalize on the delay to sandblast and paint the structure for corrosion control. So […]

Fan Housing Case Study

Fan Housing Includes Metal Fabrication & Shop Coatings Work CHALLENGE A manufacturing customer came to us with the following issues: Build up on the fan due to coolant and exhaust was causing the fan to be imbalanced, which in turn made the bearings and the electric motor fail prematurely. The fins inside the housing that […]

Rubber Lined Pipe

Rubber Lined Pipe is utilized across numerous industries and is a cost effective method to transport abrasive slurries, corrosive chemicals and many other liquids from one area to another. Whether it is a new build or a refurbishment project, we are able to remove & install on-site tank lining, ceramic lining and a rubber lining […]

Blasting Capabilities

  Shop Blasting: Our booth allows us to blast one large item or many smaller ones very efficiently. We have the ability to reclaim our media and switch media material and sizes, making our system even more efficient. Blast Booth Size: 52′ x 20′ x 16′ Previous Next Field Blasting: Our Field Coatings Division specializes in […]

Repairing Gearboxes

  The NIX Machining Division has the capabilities to provide customers with gear cutting and gearbox remanufacturing. Our team works on anything from a single gear or gear set that needs reverse engineered and made new or an entire gearbox assembly. We take pride in being able to provide this service for common gearboxes and […]

Benefits of Roof Coatings

Roof coatings offer multiple benefits to businesses or facilities that are looking to repair their roofs and are evaluating their options. Whether your facility is looking for an immediate fix to a leak or is more interested in preventative maintenance, roof coatings can help extend the roof’s life, prevent leaks, increase energy efficiency, decrease costs, and are less intrusive than single ply roofing systems.

Roof Refurbishment

Nix Mobile Coatings had a customer concerned with replacement of a leaking roofs at their facilities.  To save the customer costs an overcoat system was chosen to reduce tear off expenses.  The roof was pressure cleaned and deoxidized.  Some sections of the failing roof were cut out and overlaid with decking.  Approximately 1 inch of closed cell spray foam […]