Nix Comes Together for 2023 August Bi-Annual

August 25, 2023: Our August Bi-Annual Meeting was a resounding success! This event, which brought together nearly the entire company in person, along with virtual participation from our Cincinnati team, marked a significant milestone in recognizing and applauding the company’s 2023 accomplishments and our dedicated team members.

Our teams were able to gather, celebrate, and chart the course for the company’s future. The event was a testament to Nix’s commitment to fostering a strong sense of community and appreciation of our journey.

Highlights of the event included:

  1. Charles Henry Entreleadership Award: This award is given once a year to a Nix team member who most exemplifies the entrepreneurship and leadership characteristics and values of our founder, Charles Henry Nix. Charles was a self-taught, hard working business person who was not afraid of taking risks. A big congratulations to Brian Merkley for being the 2023 award recipient!  A little bit about Brian:
    Brian joined the Nix team in 2013 as the General Manager of our Coatings group. During his time here, he has done everything from scheduling to running projects in the field. His servant leadership style does not go unnoticed. Brian is now the Vice President of our Shop and Field Coatings business units and leads our Facility Maintenance team. We appreciate his hard work and dedication to the Nix team.
  2. Top Sales Performer: We honored an outstanding sales achievement by recognizing our Top Sales Performer, Jonathan Muehlbauer (Local Sales Engineer). This award celebrates the company’s dedication to excellence and innovation within our sales team.
  1. Core Value Award Winners: We took a moment to celebrate team members who exemplify our company’s core values. Congratulations Kyle Attebury (Director of Sales) and Tim McKinney (Shop Foreman for our Structural Fabrication team)! These individuals have consistently demonstrated the values that drive Nix’s success.
  1. Most Valuable Idea for Improvement Award: Innovation is at the heart of Nix’s operations, and this award recognizes a team member that came up with the best idea for improving company processes, products, or services. Congratulations Kerry Wolfe (Custom Fabrication Team Lead).
  1. Celebrating Employee Anniversaries: We acknowledged and celebrated the dedication and loyalty of our team members by recognizing several milestone anniversaries: 7 individuals reached 5 years, 2 individuals reached 10 years, and 1 individual reached 30 years. 

During the event, our Vice President of Operations, Adam Nix, presented an overview of the company’s journey, highlighting achievements and goals to still be met for 2023. 

Matthew Nix, our President, delivered an inspiring and candid speech that left a lasting impact to drive our team into 2024 with renewed energy!