Nix 2022 Year In Review

Advancing Our Engineering

In 2022, we advanced our engineering department with the addition of a FARO Focus Laser Scanner. With this new technology, our engineers receive fast, accurate measurements of the jobsite and 3D scans that help identify any issues our teams could run into with the project, allowing us to provide the highest quality to our customers.

3D Model


Quality - ISO Path

Our Custom Fabrication business unit obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 certification back in 2021 and successfully passed their first surveillance audit in 2022. For 2023, we have identified Shop Coatings as the next business unit that will work towards receiving the ISO certification. We value the ISO 9001: 2015 certification at Nix, because it has helped us consistently make products that meet our customer requirements and has increased our quality focus across the organization. The quality certification also drives growth within the organization that will allow us to better meet our customer’s needs as we continue to grow.

2022 Nix Family Scholarships

We are proud to share we had 3 recipients for the 2022 Nix Family Scholarship! The Nix Family Scholarship was established to provide a $1,000 scholarship for a student from our local schools, North Posey High School, Gibson Southern High School and Mater Dei High School, furthering their education in the trades or advanced manufacturing (robotics, mechanical engineering, industrial supervision, industrial maintenance, drafting/CAD, or related field).

Safety Zero Downtime Injuries

In 2022, Nix overall achieved 265,370 man-hours worked with zero downtime injuries! In January, our Structural Fabrication Team achieved 4 years of zero downtime injuries! In March, our Shop & Field Coatings Team hit 7 years of zero downtime injuries! In April, our Repairs & Maintenance Team reached 4 years of zero downtime injuries! In July, our Heritage Machining Team reached 3 years of zero downtime injuries! In November, our Custom Fabrication Team reached 4 years of zero downtime injuries!