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Employee Spotlight: June 2019

Derek Greene, Welding & Fabrication Technician

Structural Fabrication Division


What is something your co-workers may not know about you?

One thing my co-workers may not know is that I do not like bacon!!  Yes, I’m American!

What are your favorite hobbies?

My favorite hobbies are hunting, fishing, and shooting.

Where did you go to school or training?

I went to South Spencer High School and Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center for welding.

Before working at Nix, what was the most unusual or interesting job you ever had?

The most interesting job I have done is power washing a manure spreader at the farm I used to work at.

What is your favorite thing about working at Nix Companies?

My favorite thing about working at Nix is the great atmosphere of hard work and fun with the competition and events we have.

What has been your favorite project you’ve designed or worked on so far at Nix Companies?

My favorite job that I have done at Nix was the Owensboro airport job because of it being so local.

Tell us a funny or embarrassing story while you were at work.

There are plenty of stories but the funniest is probably when we find a snake or turtle in the shop just hanging out.