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Custom Fabricated Stands-Reverse Engineering

The team at Nix worked with a customer to reverse engineer stands that needed replacement at their facilities.  The engineering team worked with the customer to engineer the stands so that our fabrication team could make them to the customer specifications.  The stands then went to the Shop Coatings Division for final prep and paint.  Great job to our teams on this project!  We often provide reverse engineering to our customers.  Let us help you with your next project!

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2018 Indiana Best Places to Work-Biz Voice Article: HUNGRY FOR THE ‘WIN’

2018 Indiana Best Places to Work-Biz Voice Article: HUNGRY FOR THE ‘WIN’

On May 3rd, we traveled to Indianapolis for the Indiana Best Places to Work banquet, where we learned that Nix was ranked 39th in the Small Employer Category!    We are proud to be living out our vision of creating one of the best employment opportunities in the world in our industry! Congratulations to our entire team for living out our mission, vision and core values each and every day! We were excited to be included in Indiana BizVoice Magazine as a featured employer.  Check out the article below!

Nix Companies 

By Charlee Beasor

Nix Companies’ vision statement is “to create one of the best employment options in the world for our industry.” The company was honored by Gov. Eric Holcomb in April as one of the Governor’s Century Award honorees for 2018.

“We’re hungry. We’ve got a lot of energy. Really, it’s our culture; we just have such a strong culture. We’ve got a group of people that love to win and that’s really what it comes down to: Everybody’s pulling in the same direction. It’s not about who’s right; it’s about what’s right.” – Matthew Nix, president

Company ingredients: 

• Located in Poseyville (Posey County) 

• Nix is the fifth-generation leader of a familyowned company formed in 1902 as a blacksmith shop; he took over in 2012 

• Company portfolio includes Nix Metals, Nix Coatings and Nix Equipment. Superior Fabrication was added through a recent acquisition 

• Focus areas: industrial product sales, manufacturing and maintenance contracting 

• Serves clients within a 200-mile radius; ships some products nationally

Crystal clear: 

“The biggest thing that drives our engagement … is that we have such a culture of transparency and team environment. We share openly with the team and I always use the phrase ‘everyone needs to know the score.’ Our people know when we’re doing well, not doing well and what the connection is between their personal financial reward and fulfillment and the organization.” 

Employee base: 

• 50 employees 

• Millennials make up about 70% of the workforce 

• Company is 116 years old, but first nonfamily hire was seven years ago 

• Finding talent is the biggest challenge: “The rate at which we bring on good talent is the No. 1 limit to our growth. We are in a technical, highly-skilled industry … through being recognized as a Best Place to Work, we’re looking to promote and leverage that to attract new talent.”

Employee driven: 

• A new initiative is a 10-member employee compensation council 

• Goal is to have an employee stake in determining the outcomes of the company’s profitability and efficiency 

• Hiring a human resources manager and providing a career roadmap for employees are company drivers in 2018

Equipment Maintenance Heavy Industrial Recent Projects Repairs & Maintenance

Trommel Screen Refurbishment

The team at Nix Equipment worked to help a local power generation company restore a trommel screen.  We worked with the customer to replace and repair areas to help the customer by saving them money and down time.  The team at Nix Coatings sandblasted and powder coating the screen to help preserve the it for future use.  Great team effort by the Equipment and Coatings team!

Manufacturing Recent Projects Sheet Metal Fabrication Shop Coatings & Finishings

Safety Arches

We are proud to work with our customers who hold employee safety to high standards.  We worked with our customer to design and build custom aluminum arch ways to promote safety throughout their facilities.  The team at Nix Metals designed and built the aluminum arches and they were then painted by the team at Nix Coatings.  We love working with customers on innovative and fun ideas to improve employee engagement!

Manufacturing Recent Projects Shop Coatings & Finishings

Material Handling Tank Painting

The team at Nix Coatings did a great job putting the finishing paint on this tank.  It was sandblasted by the team then put in our paint booth for an industrial coating.  With our large sandblast and paint booth Nix Coatings is able to take on large projects in an efficient matter.  Great job to our entire team on this project!

Agriculture Equipment Maintenance Recent Projects Repairs & Maintenance

Planter Pivot Pin Repair


The customer’s main pivot pin on their 1240 Case planter was damaged and not working properly.  They took it to the dealership to get it repaired and found their main pin was damaged and needed to be replaced, so they called us to help them replace the pin with a new one.


Our Repairs & Maintenance division mobilized and found that the pivot pin seized up on the planter and need to be removed in order to properly repair the machine.  In order to remove the pin, he had to apply heat to the area surrounding the pin and apply pressure with two 22-ton jacks.  After the metal cooled and sat under pressure during the night it finally came out the following morning.  By having his welding certificate numbers readily available, the dealer was able to order the new pin from the manufacturer.  This is a prime example of our mission “Be Big, Act Small”. Our “Be Big” resources allowed the have the opportunity to get the customer the information they needed to order the pin, mobilize, and execute in such a tight timeline.  Because of our quick response service at our Repairs & Maintenance division, we were able to get the customer up and running quickly.

Employee Spotlight News

Employee Spotlight: May 2018

Brett Mattingly

Shop Foreman, Nix Metals


Q: What is something your co-workers may not know about you?

A:  I am scared of heights.

Q: What are your favorite hobbies?

A:  Small tire drag racing.

Q: Where did you go to school or training?

A:   I went to North T & I for welding.

Q: Before working at Nix, what was the most unusual or interesting job you ever had?

A:  I worked at a car wash when I was in high school.  I’ve seen it all!


Q: Are you married?

A:  No.


Q: Do you have any children?

A:  No.


Q: What is your favorite thing about working at Nix Companies?

A:  The people and the work atmosphere.

Q: Tell us a funny or embarrassing story while you were at work.

A:  I was carrying an angle over from the shop and I got it stuck in the door.  After much frustration, I was able to get the angle out of the door and I threw it on a pile of handrails which made an extremely loud noise.  Little did I know Dakota was using the restroom at the same time and he came running out scared to death I had gotten hurt.