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Grain Elevator Scale Rebuild

Our Equipment & Repairs Division recently executed a complete rebuild of a grain elevator’s scale system. The main frame of the scale had rusted through causing major safety concerns and down time risk for the business. We provided the customer with a comprehensive proposal to re-use the more intricate parts of the system, which coincidentally where far less weathered. We then removed these parts, rebuilt the entire main frame, and re-attached the existing parts. For the finish, the entire surface was sandblasted to an SP6 Commercial Blast Profile for excellent cleaning and adhesion. We then applied two coats of heavy industrial grade epoxy primer, and a urethane top coat. This coating system should provide a 30+ year life expectancy under these conditions.
By utilizing our refurbishing methods, we were able to bring significant value to the customer, delivering a “like new” product with less down time and under 50% cost of new!
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Work In Process Racks – Seat Frame

Nix Metals evaluated, designed, and manufactured these Seat Frame Work in Process Racks for an automotive manufacturer due to issues they were experiencing with current material handling equipment.  Each rack is equipped with a six wheel caster design to allow for tugging throughout the plant, eight fixed product positions with the ability to accommodate 32 units, Kanban Card Plates on each of the two positioning handles, and a powder coated finish.  Each cart was assembled and delivered to the customer ready for production.